Product Info



Each stripedshirt is made to meet the founder’s highest standards:

  • high quality cotton jersey knit with 5% Lycra for stretch, to keep shape, to prevent shrinking
  • true to women sizes, no micro mini boy Ts. XS = size 4, S = size 6, M = size 8, etc.
  • children's shirts match to average size of age of child.  2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-7 years and 8-9 years
  • vibrant color - dye yarn knit weaving of 2 color combinations
  • stylish, comfortable fit – none too tight crew neckline, flattering short sleeves, long enough to cover any muffin tops
  • tagless at the neck, cute logo’ed tag with details on side seam
  • subtle stripedshirt patch on bottom outside corner of shirt
  • fun, fashionable fan-wear to support your team

We did iterate and improve our fabrics from the original very stretchy material, that does shrink up about 1 inch after several washings, to a tighter weave that does not shrink at all. The only shirts still in the first/stretchiest fabric are the original colors: Red and white, Cranberry and gray, Red and gray, Green and white and Dark orange and white. As inventory is replaced, it will be replaced with the tighter weave fabric.

Currently, shirts are available in 15 color combinations, all in 12 sizes, from baby 6 mo to women XL (those ** indicate a baby 3 mo is available)

  • Red and white **
  • Red and green
  • Red and gray **
  • Cranberry and gray **
  • Black and gray
  • Navy and white
  • Green and white **
  • Dark orange and white **
  • Maroon and gold
  • Red and blue
  • Royal blue and white
  • Royal blue and orange
  • Dark blue and yellow
  • Purple and white
  • Yellow and white