stripedshirt FAQ’s

Striped Girls

Why can’t I get any color combination? Unfortunately, there’s no way this company can be just-in-time inventory. To produce the quality shirt we are making, we need to commit to 1,000 yards of fabric per color combo, or about 3,000 shirts per combo. That’s a lot of shirts, and a lot of bank for this bootstrapped company! Research has been done and there is some logic to which color combos are coming next BUT user demand, the wisdom of the crowd, will always take priority.

What combos were at launch and why? We started with the official stripedshirt color combo of Red and white, of course. And that one also applies to at least 15 different schools and teams. Dark orange and white was up first, as well, because stripedshirt is based in Austin TX, and the fan base the comes from a school of 55,000 undergrads per year is an obvious first choice. Red and gray was similar, fan-base reasoning, as well as the hometown of the stripedshirt founder. Go Buckeyes. The last-first-choice was Cranberry and gray to let UT rivals TX A&M also have an opportunity to show their colors, as well as UMass, Harvard, others.

What colors were next? Boston College’s Maroon and gold was to be in the first set, but it took awhile to perfect the gold. A tough color on a shirt when not going with metallic. But in now! And also representing then Florida State, USC, Minnesota, Arizona State, Texas State, even the Washington Redskins, maybe the SF 49ers and Cleveland Caviliers. As well, we now have a beautiful Red and blue for Red Sox, Patriots, Giants, Texans, Rangers, etc, fans. And Green and white for the Celtics, Michigan State, Baylor, Ohio U, Dartmouth, Philly Eagles, NY Jets, and St. Patricks Day fans! We have Black and gray for the Spurs, Raiders, Chicago White Sox fans out there. And Navy and white for the dreaded Yankees, but also UConn, Penn State, and preppies who love the pair it with a cute bright colored skirt or pants (looks awesome with red, bright green, orange). Finally, for the holidays, a cutie Red and green.

Then what? Very end of 2011, we got in 4 additional colors: Purple and white (go KState, Northwestern, TCU), Royal and white (Kentucky, Duke), Blue and yellow/gold (Michigan, Cal, Pitt) and Blue and orange (Florida, Auburn, Illinois, Syracuse, Broncos).

What's next and when? To be candid, with 14 colors in right now, and a lot of inventory and investment, as of this writing (Jan 2012), we are going to hold for a bit. But we will add other colors as soon as sales earn us enough to buy more.

What about college and sports licensing, logos? We are deliberately not going that route, in part to keep prices low, and in part b/c of the inventory commitments we have to make and that pressure on a start up. The approach we have taken allows for one color combination to represent multiple teams. Think Red and White, that’s Wisconsin, Nebraska, Alabama, Arkansas, sort of Indiana, Cornell, Boston U, Miami of Ohio, Utah, even St Louis Cardinals, Arsenal soccer, and of course, the stripedshirt colors!

So, are these “true” team colors? As much as possible, we have matched with the official pantones. However, in some cases, we’ve found the middle ground. For Green and White, it’s a mix of Michigan State, Boston Celtics and St. Patrick’s Day, for example. We think all fans will be happy with the colors, but if you are not, you can always return the shirt for a full refund.

Tell me more about the product, the fabric, construction, etc. Please see our Product Info page for more.

What products are coming next? Again, first, more color combinations of the “signature” stripedshirt. Our dream list is over 40 color combos. Then, over time, other shirt styles for women, kids and babies. Even shirts just for men – think collared golf shirts. But oh, to the future of striped items! There’s a lot of things on the stripedshirt roadmap! Keep watching.

Why nothing for men? Well, boys through 10 years old have product. And confident men, metro sexual stylish men won’t be afraid to order our womens shirt. It never says womens, just size up 2 sizes from what you normally wear – Mens Medium = Womens XL.

What is the payment process? We support and integrate with Paypal. They are managing all our financial transactions, to their highest levels of security. When you check out/purchase, it will indicate Too Short Industries, that is the holding company of stripedshirt.

Do I need a Paypal account then to buy a stripedshirt? No, Paypal accepts Paypal accounts, but also all major credit cards.

What security measures do you have in place for electronic transactions, online purchasing? Again, we are using Paypal 100% of all transactions, but you can see more in the Security & Privacy section.

How long does shipping take? We are supporting the good old US PS and do first class mail, so typically 3-5 days.

Only US Shipping? For now, yes. We can and will do custom, case by case shipping elsewhere, just need to hand process the order to determine shipping costs. If you have an International (even Canada and Mexico) order request, simply contact info@stripedshirt.com and we’ll work it out!

Shipping costs? We are doing a flat rate shipping and handling charge of only $3 per shirt.

Sales tax? Because it is an online business, only Texas residents will pay sales tax of 8.25%.

What about Returns or Exchanges? Please see our Shipping & Returns section for details, guidance.

What about my privacy? What info do you collect, and how do you use it? Please see our Security & Privacy section for details.

Are these products safe for children, babies? Because the Tshirt is not sleep wear, there is no flame retardation in the material.

Tell me more about how the company started? Please see our story on the About page for more.

When were you founded? Stripedshirt.com was founded as a DBA of Too Short Industries, an LLC, in May 2010. Trademark approvals came through end of September 2010. And the site went live, the company officially launched Black Friday, 2010, Friday, November, 26, 2010!